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Condo Pass is the world´s best members-only condominium membership and is revolutionizing the way travelers spend quality time with their friends and families while saving thousands of dollars on their vacations and business travel.

Our membership plan is simple and affordable. You pay an annual membership fee and that´s it. No maintenance costs or long-term commitments.You can book any property in our portfolio as often as you like in the twelve-month period of your membership. At the end of the twelve months, simply pay the renewal annual membership fee and continue to enjoy incredible savings and memories traveling around the world.

Why join today?

Condo Pass provides its members with the best value in condominium vacations and travel benefits worldwide. Members enjoy access to thousands of quality condominium accommodations around the globe. All of this at a fraction of other vacation options without complicated rules or restrictions, maintenance costs and no long-term commitment. 

Condo Pass Membership benefits include:

  • Discounts in more than 200,000 Hotels worldwide
  • Incredible discounts in more than 2,600 Condominium Resorts around the globe.
  • Car Rental discounts worldwide.
  • Discounts in more than 6000 Tours and Things to Do in over 100 countries worldwide.
  • A 30 day access code from Savings Pass for your next trip to or within the U.S. and Canada to enjoy over 500,000 discounts in Dining, Shopping, Hotels, Entertainment, Attractions, Theme Parks, Golf Courses, Cruise Lines, Cultural and Sports Events, Online Deals and more.
  • Special discounts in over 5,000 restaurants all over Spain.

Our membership plan is simple and affordable. Join today. Travel tomorrow.

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	Margarita Island, Ven</p>

Margarita Island, Ven

From $ 369 per week

	Nayarit Riviera, Mex.</p>

Nayarit Riviera, Mex.

From $ 369 per week

	Puerto Plata,Dom.Rep.</p>

Puerto Plata,Dom.Rep.

From $ 299 per week

	Cancún, Mex</p>

Cancún, Mex

From $289 per week

	Williamsburg, Virginia</p>

Williamsburg, Virginia

From $409 per week

	Poconos, Penn.</p>

Poconos, Penn.

From $349 per week

	Las Vegas, Nevada</p>

Las Vegas, Nevada

From $329 per week

	Napa Valley, Ca.</p>

Napa Valley, Ca.

From $ 879 per week

	Sedona, Arizona</p>

Sedona, Arizona

From $589 per week

	Orlando, Florida</p>

Orlando, Florida

From  $ 479 per week