Condo Pass


1. What is Condo Pass?

Condo Pass is the world`s best members-only condominium membership. Created by the founders of Universal Rewards (s.a. de c.v. corp)- pioneers of priceless travel memberships- Condo Pass is the sensible alternative to risky, overpriced vacation rentals with no maintenance fees, no long term commitment and additional incredible benefits so you can save in every category of your travel plans.

2. How much does it cost to become a member?

Members pay an Annual Membership Fee of only $299. Membership fee is due at the time of membership purchase.

3. Is Condo Pass a long term commitment membership?

No. You can renew your membership at the end of your annual membership period at your convenience. Or, if circumstances change, there`s no ongoing commitment.

4. Are there any penalties for not renewing the membership?

No. There is no obligation and no penalties of any kind if you choose not to keep enjoying incredible savings while traveling.

5. What exactly do I get for my Annual membership Fee?

- Thousands of deeply discounted resort accommodations to choose around the globe.

- Car rental discounts worldwide.

- Discounts in Tours and Things to Do in more than 6000 tours worldwide.

- A 30 day access code from Savings Pass for your next trip to or within the U.S. and Canada to enjoy over 500,000 discounts in Dining, Shopping, Hotels, Entertainment, Attractions, Theme Parks, Golf Courses, Cruise Lines, Cultural and Sports Events, Online Deals and more.

- Special discounts in over 5,000 restaurants all over Spain.

Most importantly, you get to enjoy life with your family and friends, while saving thousands of dollars discovering the world.

6. How do I register to start enjoying the membership?

Click on the not registered? at the top right of the home page and follow the instructions to purchase your membership. Once you purchase the membership, you will receive your membership access code and all you have to do is go back to register with your membership access code to get your password.

7. Is this a secure website-is it safe to shop here?

Yes. When you use Condo Pass, your personal identifiable information and credit card information are encrypted using SSL encryption technology before being ent over the internet. Credit card information is not stored n our website servers. We employ state of the art security firewalls and network-based intrusion detection monitors to protect personally identifiable information.

8. How long does it take for the membership to get paid by itself?

That depends on you, but you may save more than the annual membership fee within the first use.

9. What will I receive after I become a member?

You will receive an email with a welcome letter with your membership access code.

10. How do I login once I am a member?

You simply write your email and password at the top right of the home page and login.

11. How many resorts are there to choose from?

There are thousands of resort accommodations to choose from in the U.S., Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico and beyond.

12. Is the annual membership fee refundable?

No. All payments are final and no changes or refunds are allowed.

13. What makes Condo Pass accommodations different from a hotel?

Condo Pass offers many spacious accommodations that give you the room to relax, spread out and still have everyone together. Enjoy the comforts of home, which may include a kitchen, washer/dryer, multiple bedrooms and the amenities of a luxury resort, such as spa or workout facility.

14. How competitive are prices compared to standard hotels?

For the cost of a long weekend at a hotel, you or your clients can often stay for a whole week at one of our resort accommodations.

15. How do weekly rates compare to what members can find on their own?

Members are able to enjoy savings typically up to 75% less than they could negotiate on their own.

16. What is the term of the membership?

Each membership term is one year from the membership purchase date. At the end of each year, you pay the annual membership fee again. Or, if circumstances change,there`s no ongoing commitment.

17. Are there any maintenance payments besides the annual membership fee?

No. There are no maintenance fees of any kind. All you have to do is pay your annual membership fee to have unlimited access for a twelve month period to thousands of resorts at discounted prices exclusively for Condo Pass members.

18. How many days per year can members travel?

Members can choose to travel as little or as often as they wish. You have unlimited access at the exclusive discounts for members at no extra cost.

19. How does the reservation process works?

The website displays availability for each resort and destination. Reservations are booked by selecting the property and weekly period and paying online with a credit card. You will get a confirmation to the e mail provided.

20. How do I receive confirmation?

You will receive confirmation via e mail. Please make sure that you enter an accurate email address when booking your accommodations. Please print the confirmation and bring it with you.

21. How far in advance can members make reservations?

Members can make reservations up to one year in advance.

22. Is the price shown per unit?

All the prices shown are per unit, which means it is the same price for one person up to and including the maximum capacity of that accommodation. 

23. Can I just make a deposit or must pre-pay the entire trip?

All vacations must be pre-paid. Reservations must be booked with a major credit card. A debit/check card with a major credit card company is not an eligible form of payment for booking a vacation package deal.

24. Can I get a refund if I cancel my confirmed week?

No. All bookings are final and no changes or refunds are allowed.

25. Are the resorts handicap accessible?

Many of the properties offer handicapped-accessible accommodations. You may have to contact the resort to check if they offer handicapped-accessible accommodations.

26. Are pets allowed?

For the most part, pets are not allowed on property. However, a select few properties do allow pets for an additional fee. You may have to contact the resort to check on their pet policy before bringing any pets with you.

27. Will taxes or other fees be charged to my account at the resort?

Taxes are included in the final price, unless otherwise indicated. Additional fees for housekeeping and other amenities vary by resort and will be assessed upon check-in. If the property you want to book does require a deposit, it will be mentioned within the property description and your confirmation email.

28. Are these family oriented resorts?

The resorts are designed and managed to accommodate groups of all sizes, from couples seeking a romantic getaway to large families in search of the ultimate adventure. Many of our resorts offer a variety of activities for both adults and kids, and babysitting service may be available with prior notice.

29. How old do I have to be to book a vacation?

The person booking the travel must be at least 21 years of age or older. The resort or property manager may otherwise refuse access to the reserved accommodation.

30. Can I book a week for less than seven nights?

No. However, even though rental accommodations are only in one-week increments, you do not have to stay every night. For example, if the week runs from Friday to Friday, you can check-in on a later day, but you still have to check out on or before the following Friday. You must pay the full price of the week regardless of how many nights you plan to stay.

31. I can`t check-in on the first day the rental begins-is this a problem?

No problem. You can check in on a later day. If you plan to arrive after the designated check-in date, you need to call the resort in advance to make late check-in arrangements. You may check-out at any time during your stay. However, you must pay the full price for the week, regardless of how many nights you stay.

32. Can I sell my rental accommodations?

No. Your weekly rental may not be sold or exchanged for cash.

33. Will I be required to attend any kind of property tour or sales presentation?

No. There is NO requirement to attend any kind of sales presentation.




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